leavin’ on a jetplane

I finally got Less than Jake’s (relatively) new CD “Anthem” yesterday. I’m quite happy with it. It got good reviews, which kinda surprised me for some reason. My fears about them going more mainstream seem to be mostly unfounded. Their musical style is still sorta heading towards more typical rock than ska, but that doesn’t really bother me, because it’s still good. They went back to a major label, but that doesn’t really bother me either, because the music is still good. I think I’ll listen to that CD quite a bit on the plane ride to Luxembourg today.

Interestingly enough, my dad and I are flying through Gatwick (London), while my mom and sister are flying through Paris. My dad and I are going to England for a week after Luxembourg, so that’s just the way it had to work out. My mom and sister are going to kill each other. But I guess that’s how it goes. Hopefully they can manage to kinda get along for a while. Given that length of time and the stress of overnight international travel, I highly doubt that’ll happen.

background noise: “Farther” Third Eye Blind

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I have decided to write a book. I’ll post links to parts of it as I finish them. Read them, critigue them, and post comments on the thread under them. I should have part done today. if anyone knows a publisher I can use, tell me please.

    I made a friend yesterday, he walked up to me and said ‘how are you doing?’ I said hi. he’s did that no fewer than 12 times yesterday. I don’t even work with him. it’s weird. I’f think he’s weird, but he’s not. Just friendly and an extrovert. And he seeks company out. Tom, I have found an anti-tom in that regard. Perhaps if you two meet you will both explode. I think his name might be anothony. but that onyl works if he happend to have gone to preschool with me. Judging from his accent (australian), he didn’t. Nice guy. I should try and get to know him better.

    still silence. won’t be off work til later.

  2. mark Says:

    I can just say that if I were to “critigue” your post, I would point out the numerous errors you have made in both grammar and spelling.

  3. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I love you to mark. and this is taking longer than I expected.

    It’s raining.

    ‘Into this house we’re born,
    Into this world we’re thrown.

    Riders of the storm….’
    -The Doors.

  4. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I don’t think the people on one of those blogs you link are to pleased with me calling them and their lives depressing. ah well.

    ‘Talking bout my generation,
    talking bout my generation,
    etc, etc.’ -The Who

  5. tom Says:

    who might they be?

  6. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    um, I think it was one called captian planet… and one that was dan zuo et. all.

    I recently watched Enter the Dragon. Bruce lee. and the cool black dude. the part of that movie that made the biggest impression on me was the part where he teaches the little kid. The line was ‘Emotinal content, not anger’. the idea was that if the kid put his emotions into his kick, he might almost be able to hit bruce lee.
    Emotions are powerful tools that most people seem not know how to use. Perhaps we are all frogetting what they were, existing only in states of apathy and useless anger, where instead of beating the shit out of the problem we just avoid it and listen to shitty linkin park songs. damn. I hate it when people don’t realize the incredible power that they have. Emotions can allow our body to do stuff it couldn’t in a state of apathy. They can allow you to influnence others. Try crying sand looking sad the next time someone doesn’t hold a door open for you. betcha they’ll come back and open it.
    Emotions can be attached to experinces, to objects. Like music. One discipline of this religous cult I read about does that. They will listen to one song of music whenever they’re happy, another one when they’re angry, etc. Then, when they need motivation to do something they’ll listen to the anger song, get all riled up. Or, should the be feeling sad, they can listen to the happy song and manipulate themselves into being happy.
    Ah well, sucks to be the rest of the world. maybe the rest of the world think emotion means anger, and they should always exist in a semiconcious state, wearing their 50 dollar tshirts and thinking, man, I’m cool now. what a sad place. makes me cry sometimes.

    ‘when history books are full of shit, i become the anarchist
    i’m pissed at this
    what this country claims to be
    it’s a lie
    no place for me
    i bleed
    kill my trust if you must
    but in my blood there is lust
    for life
    that’s right’
    -Chilipepers. Johnny, kick a hole in the sky

  7. mark Says:

    that was an awfully poignant (and literate) expose of your feelings, and i applaude you. good job.


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