welcome to the city

Well, here I am in Luxembourg. Luckily I have access to my aunt and uncle’s ISDN line, so I can still check in and read e-mail and such every once in a while. It’s nice.

Every time I travel (or at least the most recent two times) out of the country I am always surprised at how much I am conscious of my being foreign. I always fear I’ll accidentally break some cultural taboo, even though I know perfectly well that where I am that’s not likely to happen. My plans to try to use a little French here are quickly going down la toilette as well, since not only can I not understand a single word anyone says, but I don’t think they would understand me if I tried to say anything either. So, that’s that. I resign myself to reading the first paragraph of the French articles in the newspaper (here French and German are written, while French, German and Luxembourgish are spoken).

I will say one thing, though: Food here is about 15 times better than food in the US. I like to go to the cheese section at the grocery store we were in this afternoon and see several rows of cheeses, instead of maybe 10 total.

Tomorrow I believe we’re going to Wiltz (for which my family is named). That should be interesting, and it’s a chance to get out of the city. Another thing I notice when traveling is how much I despise cities. This (Luxembourg) is a very nice city, its small and old and pleasant. It’s not all the people that bother me, quite so much as all the people in such a confined space. Really, I don’t mind it here at all, because its not that crowded, but when given the choice I always prefer the countryside.

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I ranted about judging people awhile ago. Now people have judged me. I guess expessing my honest impressions of them was a mistake. Calling them dorks and their lives boring, monotonus pieces of shit was a mistake. whoops. let the ingraitiating begin.

    The friend I made at work came into my room today. He jerked his head up in greeting and left. I still don’t know his name.

    ‘In the days of my youth
    I was told what it was to be a man,
    Now I’ve reached the age
    I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can.
    No matter how I try,
    I find my way to do the same old jam.’
    -Led Zeppelin

  2. tom Says:

    what did you wind up getting as a job?

  3. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    i convinced a professor to let me work part time doing research. not to bad.

    Today felt like fall. it was about 10-20 degrees cooler than usual. it was really nice out. so tired. stayed up all night reading.

    ‘My baby drove up in a brand new Cadilaaaaaaac,
    yes she did.
    My baby drove up in a brand new cadilaaaac.’
    -the clash

  4. tom Says:

    autumn is probably my favorite time of year

  5. 0831 Says:

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