oh the humanity

Zuke and I went to the Habitat for Humanity Homeworks store today. It’s a cool place. If I was furnishing an apartment I’d definitely get some stuff from there. It’s just random bits of house and interior, all used. $30 couches and stoves abound, plus cheap 2×4s and such. And the middle aged women working there were just bubbling over with enthusiasm and niceness. Zuke bought this light socket outlet adapter thing for 25 cents and gave the rest of the dollar to their charitable thing. I think my dad and I might do a Habitat thing, he seemed to want to, so maybe next summer or sometime.

background noise: “California” Semisonic

7 Responses to “oh the humanity”

  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    ah, semisonic, an excellent choice.

    get the cd great divide if you haven’t. or download the first 5 songs, then the next 6 songs.

  2. name Says:

    lol! “great divide”!!

  3. tom Says:

    zuke if that’s you I swear that’s starting to piss me off

  4. name Says:

    eat me

  5. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    if it’s me, please kill me.

  6. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    and it isn’t.

  7. name Says:

    yes it is

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