weekend scenes

Went to two shows over the weekend on Saturday. It was a good time, the first being sorta docile hippie child type of thing and the second being a reasonably well attented hardcore show at the Red Herring. The hardcore show was more fun, but I liked the venue of the first. It was in the beer garden at Mike and Molley’s, in the afternoon when the sun cast shadows across this odd steel grate structure on the building behind the place. A wall of ivy on another side and our backs the the uncrowded street, too. I liked it, it felt like a little musical nook or something.

So Saturday was a good time. Sunday was an even better time, I got to relax in full. Today was back to the painful grind. I’ve got to go do my homework, but at least I don’t have that much. I wish my motherfucking books would come in for my history paper. It’s been a week, I think they must have gotten lost in cyberspace.

background noise: “We Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules” Against Me!

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