inefficiency and the three day weekend


Spent too much time today trying to make my stupid play halfway presentable and FAILING miserably. Mostly because I can’t bring myself to actually do anything more than stare at it, give up, and come back to it in half an hour to repeat the process. Still, at least now I’ve outlined a reasonable list of things that need to be changed, and I’ve decided that since really changing them is too hard I’ll just delete chunks of it and write them from scratch. It’s the only way to be halfway original about it. Yargh. But I really don’t want to be doing this, I want to be making a pretty new design for my blog and spraypainting t-shirts. But auditions are tomorrow, so I really need to get cracking.


Come to Student Productions auditions. Everyone. Doesn’t matter if you can’t act, and you don’t need to prepare anything. Either come at lunch or after school from 4-6 pm tomorrow, November 9th. In the North Attic. Please please please please please

background noise: “Such Great Heights” The Postal Service (yea it’s still good)

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