we now return…

…to our usual programming. Sorry for the brief down period, much change has happened. Most notably, I think my old host finally realized I hadn’t paid my hosting fees in a year and a half and suspended my account without notification. So I moved to a new host and upgraded to a different blogging system in the process. Unforunately, I discovered my backups were imperfect - although I had one from just last week, it was corrupted. The most recent good one I had only goes up until August, however. So there are a big chunk of posts missing, forever lost to the annals of cyberspace. What a loss.

Anyway, we had our last performance of The Crucible last night. It went pretty well. The show overall turned out surprisingly well, better than I had thought it would. I’m happy with it. We might take it to theaterfest. I’m pretty ambivalent about the idea. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I’ve spent two hours putting everything back together, and I’m tired. Until next time.

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  1. cordelia Says:

    RAWR. guadeloupe is my favorite skin i think.

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