good movie, bad movie

the matrix: reloaded. More like, the matrix: all over again, but not as good as the first time.Just watched Better Luck Tomorrow. What a great movie. It’s really impressive, the way it managed to capture so well so many aspects of suppressed suburban high school society. Granted, it was something of a charicature, but still, I was amazed at how powerful it was. Or, maybe not powerful so much as just gripping, and strangely appealing with its violence.

It was definitely better than The Matrix: Reloaded, which I saw last night. It wasn’t anything special at all. Some good action, but the acting was terrible, and either I couldn’t follow the story (which is possible), or there just wasn’t one. I was hoping for more, but as it turned out even in my state of anticipation the movie wasn’t so impressive.

Better Luck Tomorrow. A cinematic head rush.

background noise: “angel” sarah mclachlan (dusted remix)

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    arrggg. I saw the matrix. it was shitty. nuff said. actaully, I wanna bitch. Cuase I wasted a good 6 bucks on it. In the first movie, everything was symbolic, or seemed so. In this second one it looks as though they tried to be symbolic, but where the first drew on such sources as the bible, this second one seemed to make up it’s own religion as it went along. But I’m sure all the many, many plot twists will come clear in the sequel, so eloquently advertised for in the closing screen’s message: ‘To be concluded’.

    I got bit by alot of ants yesterday. they’ve swelled up and itch like a bitch. I think my scratching is aggravating the swelling.

    On a happier note, I have reached a state of total and complte brokeness, brokeness beyond a sprained penis, brokeness beyond the screen door I ran through yesterday. Utter and total dollarzzzlessness.

  2. tom Says:

    who is that masked man?

  3. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I found some meaning in metallica today, the chorus to ‘escape’, off of the album ride the lightning has brought home to me again that my life is mine for the taking. and with this new resolve, I raise a cup large cup of ‘fuck you’ to all those who would control my life, namely whoeverthefuck invenented the wonderful idea of patriotism, or let’s go follow the flag down to hell!, to whoeverthehell invented the gradeschool circulim, and to whichever monkey creates the useless fashions and ‘be cool’ drive that dominates our culture, destroying much of what is good by convincing people that if they don’t fit in, they shouldn’t have a voice, and to buy 50 dollar teeshirts that say ‘wanna lift’ on the back. Ah, how I feel sorry for our sorry country, rich as all hell, loathed like the plague by the rest of the world, and unable to open our eyes to the truths in out world.

  4. MARK Says:

    silly babysnatcher, you know you could have saved yourself 6 bucks. you never have to pay at the savoy. then you wouldnt be so broke

  5. tom Says:

    it’s all just too much for my mind to handle

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