Wesleyan and Amherst

They say the weather and your tour guide most influence you when looking colleges. If that’s true, and I suspect it might be, Brown had a lot going for it yesterday. 60 degrees and sunny is hard to not like.

Today wasn’t so nice; 40’s and cloudy, it started snowing as we headed to the hotel. But despite this, Wesleyan and Amherst, today’s explorations, were both highly appealing as well. Amherst was probably more appealing than Wesleyan, although mainly for superficial reasons. The view from Amherst is gorgeous, it’s on top of a hill that you can actually see off of (unlike Brown, which is on top of a hill but you wouldn’t necessarily know it). The buildings are very, very nice on the inside – I got to go into a couple of the many newly renovated dorms and they were all great. Or, at least, they were nicer than the U of I’s, which might not be saying much but is still certainly a benefit.

I attended a class at Wesleyan, Introductory Physics II. It was a class for the non-majors, without calculus, and it was lecture based, and it was in the morning. So the students were understandably not totally into it, although there was a decent level of animation when the professor cracked a joke (which he did do, which I do appreciate). But Wesleyan doesn’t have a core curriculum, so the students had all chosen to be there, so you’d think they’d be a little more excited. But maybe I’m expecting too much enthusiasm, or at least too much overt enthusiasm. The students did seem to like it well enough.

Most of my trouble now comes from the fact that I can’t seem to eliminate anything. Brown looked good, Amherst looked good, Wesleyan looked good although realistically not quite as good as the other two. I’d still probably be quite happy there, though. I find myself vacillating on a number of issues. Part of me wants somewhere with a big name, Ivy League, no-holds-barred. Another part of me realizes that a name is nothing but a name, and I’d get just as good an academic experience and have just as much fun elsewhere. And it’s not as if it’s a cakewalk to get into any of these places, either. So while it’s difficult to be discriminatory, at least some of those decisions will be made for me a year from now. Until then, I might as well be aiming high.

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  1. Sara Says:

    Amherst is really nice on a nice day; over the summer I went on a tour on a sunny day and it was brillllllllliante, so so pretty.

    That view is amazing, but the campus on a nice day is too. Also our tour guide said Amherst owns all that land, and they refuse to sell it, for the view will be there for allegedly ages.

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