I just realized I’m going to be at Theaterfest for the radio show on Thursday. How sad :(

But! In the meantime, I hacked together a podcast feed with the two shows I have recorded on my computer. I have two others on tape, but haven’t found a good way to digitize them (I’ve got a good sound card, but no tape player).

So, feast your ears upon this:

What do you do with such a link, you ask? Well, you can use iTunes to subscribe to the podcast (click “Advanced” > “Subscribe to Podcast” and then enter the URL), which will automatically download the latest one I’ve put up.

Alternatively, you can just download the files directly here:

This is all hush-hush, however, because our music licensing is questionable when it comes to online distribution. Instead, you might consider just tuning in Thursday nights at 8pm (104.5 FM if you’re in the U-C)! Anita and I are taking over the timespot entirely, so we should (theoretically) be on every week, minus the weeks that neither of us can manage it (such as this one, while Anita’s still in India and I’m in Bloomington).

Once we build up our library a bit better we can just do re-runs when we’re not available, but at this point I don’t think we can swing that.

That’s all. Enjoy.

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