I finally figured out where the name of this Blog comes from: it’s the Less than Jake song I talked about earlier (History of a Boring Town). I didn’t think about that when I named the blog, and didn’t realize it when I mentioned the song below, but it’s been faintly playing in my head and suddenly I made the connection. Wow I’m slow sometimes.

I want to change the template for my blog, but the ones on Blogskins.com are all kinda ugly and similar. I suppose I could write my own, but it would take me a while to make it look halfway decent. Maybe I’ll just change the colors on someone else’s (most of the time the colors are kinda bad). Ooo, I think I’ve found one I like. I’ll try it out and maybe modify it a bit.

Anyway, I just got back from Mark’s house at around 3 in the afternoon. I went to a Solo Mono concert with Mark, Cordelia, and Ben last night. I rode my bike over to Mark’s house around 7 or so. I didn’t find it the first time, so I had to go back, call him, figure out exactly where his house is, and get my mom to drive me over (I was afraid I might be a bit late otherwise). But I got there with time to spare, and we had some spaghetti. Mark was wearing this green bathrobe that looked kinda odd. But whatever.

After that Ross, Mark’s Mom’s boyfriend, drove us over to the IMC, where the show was. I’ve never been there before, it’s a cool place. The space in back where the stage was is this relatively small room, black with various decorations. There were maybe 20-30 people there. Many of them were in the four bands that were playing. But it was still a cool show. I liked Solo Mono’s performance best.

After the show I went back to Mark’s house and slept over. At about 11 we walked over to the gas station near Savoy 16 to get something to drink and eat. I got a Sobe, Mark got a root beer, and we got a big bag of popcorn. It was cold out so I woar one of Mark’s jacket’s. There was also dew on the grass, so to avoid getting my pants all wet I rolled them up to my knees. We must have looked so fucking weird, in cuordoroy jackets, and me with my pants rolled up, wandering around at almost midnight. A bunch of black guys were shouting at us at the gas station, I assume racial slurs of some kind, but we just walked into the convenience store to get some stuff. By the time we got out they were gone.

This morning we walked over to my house, but there was nothing to do, so we went back to Mark’s to watch Taxi Driver. It’s a decent movie, kinda strange, but for it’s time it must have been awfully cutting edge (not to mention violent). After the movie I came back home, now I’m just writing this. I’ve got to go mow the lawn, but maybe I’ll write more later.

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