Today wasn’t such a great day. Nothing really bad happened, but overall it just wasn’t so great. It’s in my head, I know, but that doesn’t help anything. I just had a negative attitude for whatever reason and so I feel like the day wasn’t so good. I’m doing my homework relatively early (right now, actually, took a break in the middle of Chem homework), so I guess that way I’ll have more time later to do stuff. Probably watch some TV and then talk to people online.

Here at Uni I’ve noticed that there isn’t a whole lot of bad stuff going on. Or not bad stuff, as just stuff that you’d expect a high school to have. I guess its entirely possible I just haven’t noticed it yet, but there don’t seem to be drunken parties or much drug use or sex (kissing in the halls isn’t even allowed, which I find both amusing and a bit unnecessary). This one girl was talking about some random event at another school and suddenly I started thinking about this. For some reason I can’t get it out of my head, either, and I don’t know why. It doesn’t seem that important and I don’t think I should care much either way, but for some reason it just sticks. Anyway, it’s nearly 6 and I’ve got to finish that chem homework.

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