I’ve kinda got to pee, so I’m going to make it a bit short today.

I talked to a friend of mine for a while on the phone tonight. She wanted to talk, so we talked. I was really happy to, I think that’s the first time I’ve talked on the phone to someone from New Jersey since moving. It was just good to hear her voice. We talked about nothing in particular and some stuff she had on her mind, it was a nice conversation. I guess she’s probably used to talking to girls on the phone, so she probably expected me to talk more (yes, blatant stereotype on both ends, but its what I’ve found), but whatever. I’ve got to learn to use the phone more.

Today I did my health homework, and sorta wasted the rest of the day. I got invited to go golfing with the Zukoskis tomorrow, and I said I’d go. Unfortunately it’s at 7:15 in the morning, so I’ve got to get some sleep. And I still have to pee, so I’m going to leave.

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