Ah, the irony, this time I’ve got to poo so again I won’t write too long.

I’m talking to Lauren on AIM right now. We had a nice long conversation about how I don’t know people’s names. Which the more I think about it, isn’t entirely true, it’s just bad luck that I didn’t happen to know her name or Casey’s name. I do now, though. I swear I’m such an idiot sometimes. Like, 5 weeks, and I couldn’t figure out their names. I think its a lack of effort. If I really wanted to know their names I would have paid more attention when they were talking to other people. But its always later that I realize I should have paid more attention. Story of my life.

I’m looking out the window across the little bond and into the backyard. The sun is going down, its only 6:12. I’m kinda afraid of October. The month itself is fine, usually I have no problem with it. But by the time October is coming around this particular year it it means I’ve been here for a while, and there aren’t any leaves to rake (Batia made me realize this) and it’s going to start getting cold. Once fall really gets here I hope I don’t go nuts. I doubt anyone would notice, but my head might start screwing with me. It’s been known to happen. Way too often, too.

But back to the backyard. It’s actually really kinda pretty, with the long shadows and orangy-golden light. The lampost lines up with the fountain in the pond perfectly, which is kinda cool. There’s a work bench right in front of the window, with a bunch of pots and a fertilizer spreader and such on it. It kinda adds to the scene, though. The light is fading, though. Maybe its just a cloud, but the shadows can’t really be scene so well and the light is kinda disappearing.

I’d better go do homework or eat or something, as Lauren pointed out I’ve been on the computer for 2 hours now.

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