‘ foresight ‘

Yea, so since I forgot my one necessary book, I’ve got no real homework. Well, yea I just remembered I do, but I’m not gonna worry. A relatively free night. And nothing on TV to distract me, either. Wonderful. I must make the most of this. I’m thinking AIM, Baldur’s Gate II, reading, maybe messing with Adobe GoLive. It’s going to be a fun time.

background noise: “midnight in a perfect world” dj shadow

Why has that song gotten so much cooler since I first listened to it?

4 Responses to “‘ foresight ‘”

  1. mark Says:

    because dj shadow is RAW.

    am i the one that introduced you to him?

  2. tom Says:

    you mentioned him a long time ago, probably, but the reason I got this particular song (and afterwards others) was because someone mentioned it as the name of a play that one of the Monahans did a few years ago, and the title amazed me.

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