november nights

Looks like another busy weekend. Hung out with my favorite daughter of a king, we went to the Blackouts show at Cafe Paradisio. Mags and Zoe Swords were there hanging around, so we talked with them for a while before they left. Then was the show, and now I’m back at home. Tomorrow I think I’ll go to the lecture on relativity, do my homework, and then whenever that’s done go to All Ages Fest. Which all of you Champaign-Urbana youths should come to, and appreciate the fact that 18 bands are playing somewhere on the same day and you can see all of them. Channing Murray (on Goodwin South of Green) from 2 pm until 11 or 12. Sunday I’m going to Chicago, seeing the Manet and the Sea exhibit at the Art Institute. I’ve got the afternoon to kill with my dad up there, so if anyone has suggestions on interesting ways to spend a Sunday afternoon in Chicago, I’d love to hear them.

background noise: “I Love You” Sarah McLachlan [BT remix]

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