got froot?

got froot?

I’m not entirely sure my french is correct over at the top of that column. It’s close enough that you get the idea, though.

I almost forgot to post today. And we all know how bad that would be. The time change has me a bit off. I’m more tired than I normally should be at 8:30. But perhaps it’s for the better, since I’ll go to bed earlier and then get more sleep. And at least for the moment it’s going to be lighter when I wake up. I hate getting up when it’s dark out. It just isn’t natural. But I can force myself to do it easily enough, and once I’m up I don’t mind.

Mark added a rather thoughtful post to his blog today. It’s personal, or so he tells me. I rather liked it. I’m not sure what the interest is for people to get into other people’s heads and other people’s lives. But we all seem to have it, at least to some extent. Maybe that’s why people like Blog’s so much.

My dad asked me what a blog was the other day. At first I thought he had found mine, which made me kinda nervous, but he quickly explained how he had seen them mentioned in Doonesbury. Indeed, go read last week’s at that link, they’re rather amusing. Maybe I should be a cartoonist. But I can’t draw, so I guess that isn’t going to happen.

I like drinking the milk from a bowl of cereal after I’m done with the actual cereal. I just polished off a bowl of Froot Loops and I’m drinking the sugar-saturated milk. Yum.

Wow, I just realized that I’ve been spelling fruit “froot” and not noticing it. It goes so much nicer, though, to have both words in the name be double “o” words. I like Froot Loops.

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