brilliant shades of gray

brilliant shades of gray

I uploaded my template to blogskins. It’s called noise. I’m so proud of myself. It’s a nice feeling, contributing to a community.

Today was my first Driver’s Ed class. I should have taken it back in August, but we moved too late, and school didn’t offer it again until now. I’m excited, I get a permit anytime after Wednesday night. That should be kickass. Unless I crash or something. The more I think about actually driving, the more dangerous the prospect seems. But regardless, the class isn’t terribly interesting. And it takes up the majority of my afternoon (doesn’t let out until 6), so I have to do all my homework and other stuff after dinner. Which hopefully won’t be too bad. I should be doing that now, in fact.

We’re going to see Othello tomorrow, all the sophomores and freshman. I’ve never seen a complete Shakespearian work in it’s original form. There were some funky adaptations shown to us in middle school (my favorite of which kept all the original dialog from Macbeth but did the props entirely in a post-apocalyptic theme) but I’m not sure if they count. So it should be interesting. If I can follow what’s going on. The plus side to all of this is that I don’t have to do my math homework tonight, since we have no class tomorrow.

I’m in a rather good mood. Dunno why. I have the urge to ride my bike over to Pages for All Ages and get a book. But that probably wouldn’t be too wise, since I’ve got other things I should be doing instead at the moment.

“No One Knows” by The Queens of the Stone Age just finished. Now I’m listening to “Bad Habit” by The Offspring. It would be a better song if they didn’t talk about driving so much and focused more about the rage aspect. But whatever. I think I’ll buy a Third Eye Blind album. Not sure which one, but I feel the need to buy one of their CD’s, and the new one doesn’t come out until sometime early next year.

I tried to get tickets to Dave Matthews, but I couldn’t get any! Which pisses me off. But I didn’t have anyone to go with (I was just assuming I was going to find someone, which I probably would have). Although I could try to get tickets from the radio or buy them off someone else. But that would cost me.

I’m still not used to the time change, so I’m getting kinda tired. That and getting up on Monday morning wasn’t so much fun even though I got a good deal of sleep. So that’s all for tonight.

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