hallow’s eve

hallow’s eve

Today was Halloween. What fun. After school I walked over to Record Service with Ariana, Mark, and Cordelia. Mark and I took the bus home. After dinner I went over to Julie’s party. The Faculty is a horrible movie, in many ways. But of the options, it wasn’t too bad.

Why is it always crappy weather on Halloween? Maybe it has to do with the time of year and my location on the Earth, but it seems like it’s always kinda pissy outside. It’s rarely a clear night, often raining, and it’s always too cold. The cold I can understand, it’s getting to be late in the year. But a cloudless night might be nice, too. Then again, the clouds add to the effect.

Last year it was a full moon on Halloween. That doesn’t happen for another 39 years or something. Made me feel all nice inside, knowing that I was enjoying this and it was relatively unique.

An idea for a nicer layout is beginning to gel in my mind. However, I talk about this too much. So I’m going to shut up and you can see what it is when I’m finished.

Happy Halloween.

happy halloween

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