circus act

circus act

I apologize for the recent haitus, I’ve been devoting nearly all my time on the computer to developing this new skin. All the work is going into finding a way to make the javascript backend work properly. At this point I could have it working, except it would have to be running off of my machine here, and my internet connection isn’t really fast enough to be doing true server duties. So instead of going with iframes, as originally planned, I’m going to go with a one-page layout, like normal. However, getting the layers to do the same thing that the iframe did is proving remarkably difficult.

Winter break is upon us! Today was the last day of school for this year. I had a Chem test and an in class Eurasia essay, but neither are worth complaining or talking about. We got out earlier than normal school days, but yet not as early as a shortened day. It wound up only being an hour before normal. I went home and sat around for a few hours, had dinner, and then went to the Solo Mono/I.O.A./Cardiac Arrest show. It was a really good show, all the bands had something to offer, I got into the music, and it wasn’t too long. I had a disposable camera that I had taken a few pictures with during school with me, so I took some pictures during the show. Ryan, same kid who was stoned last show, was drunk this one. After the show a bunch of people were outside, and he was leaning against the wall of the building next to a puddle of vomit. It wasn’t too pleasant; but then, it shouldn’t have been.

Tomorrow I’ve got a bunch of things I want to do. Have some Christmas shopping that still needs doing, particularly for my sister. I think I’ll watch Fight Club again. Other than that, though, I guess I really don’t have anything planned. Oh, the blessed uneventfulness of vacation. It’s a tight rope walk, happenstance. Too little, you suffocate of boredome, too much and you’ll drown, overwhelmed.

I’m listening to “The Future Freaks Me Out,” by Motion City Soundtrack. Because it does, and thus far the only way I’ve dealth with it is denial. But hey, whatever works. And now I’m on to “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which has a few great lines in it that force me to listen through the rest of the song.

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