‘ in the chill of november ‘

Thanksgiving in middle America. Today being the 27th, it was also Zoë’s birthday. So in the morning I went over to play football with her family and some of their friends. But football isn’t her thing, so we escape to discover how dead this town is on a bleak Thanksgiving day. We decide to have our own Thanksgiving feast. After driving all over and realizing that nowhere is open, we find salvation at (where else?) IHOP. The shining beacon of hope that it is to the stereotypical teenagers looking for a bite to eat and a place to relax, we settle down. After our wonderful meal of french toast and chocolate chip pancakes, we head over to Orchard Downs for a walk in the park in the cool November air under a surreal overcast sky. It was one of those times when you feel you could just pass out from the overwhelming emotion of it all.

background noise: songs from “Outrospective”, Faithless

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