good show!

good show!

I use a hitcounter on this page (you can see it at the very bottom of the posts). It also gathers some information, such as browser, OS, etc. I don’t want to spy on you, I’m just curious. I also need to know what browsers people are using to ensure that you can actually read this page. Anyway, here’s the browser share chart:

browser share

Much to my surprise, Macintosh has the greatest share! This is because the different OSes aren’t differentiated between as the various flavors of Windows are, but that isn’t even my point. What fascinates me is that more of you out there in readerland use some version of Linux or Unix than Windows ME! This surprises me, but in a very pleasant way. I’m thrilled to see that people are embracing open source OSes, especially in favor of WinME, which is one of the more wretched versions of Windoze.

OK, that’s enough of that rant. However, I’m not done ranting about semi-technical stuff yet. I have decided that this layers thing isn’t worth it, as Mozilla and Opera do horrible things to the page. And any web designer worth his salt should be able to write pages with reasonable cross-browser support. So I’m going to revert to Iframes, which work much better but unfortunately require two separate web pages. Now, I could have both these pages on BlogSpot (two free blogs), but then there’s be this weird ad in the middle of the page as well as on top. So I need a place to host that other page. Much to my dismay, free webspace has all but disappeared from this, our beloved Interent. My ISP still gives me some, but out of what I can only assume is security paranoia does not allow FTP transfers from servers not on their network. So unless I, personally, upload something, it doesn’t let it through. Hence, Blogger won’t publish. They say if you want a job done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Well, in this case I think they’re right. There’s nowhere I can find that’ll host my poor Blog for free, ad-free, so I’ll host it myself. My internet connection isn’t much, but it should do. This page doesn’t get that much traffic. So over the next day or so I’m going to re-write the template and start publishing to my own server. The URL won’t change, however. I’m just going to redirect all visitors from to the new address (which will be something like”) automatically. The net result of all this will be A) A prettier page B) Much more freedom for me in terms of development and publishing C) No more ads (yay!) D) Possibly slower load speeds. So I need a little help. If, after the switch (and I’ll tell you when it’s actually made, of course) the page is loading too slowly, you must let me know. I can always go back to BlogSpot, if I really need to.

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