“a friend in need is a friend indeed
a friend with weed is better”
         &nbsp- Placebo, Pure Morning

But what do I know about that? Not a lot.

I’m rather fond of Angelina’s profile. It’s amazing how people seem completely different online sometimes. I’ve got to look for the resemblance. But it usually turns up in good time.

I have something to say: Cordelia, it’s not my fault, because I didn’t change a thing. So I’ve concluded that it must be just you, and I’m going to stop thinking about evil Netscape 4.7 and it’s retardedness. Which I don’t think is technically a word, but that’s all right.

It’s 8:20, and I have nothing to do. I suppose there’s always the homework for the next few days, but I really can’t justify working ahead like that. Dinner consisted to a hamburger and a bowl of cereal. Hence I’m a little hungry. I think I’ll go have something to eat, and then… Crap, I don’t know what then. Nothing’s on TV, no one is online, I’ve posted to the blog, I’ve done my homework, and finished the book I’m reading. This is odd. I guess I’ll go to sleep or something. I’m not tired, though, so it might be a little hard.

I’m listening to “Unas Slayer of the Gods” by Nile. One of Mark’s recommendations. I can’t believe they managed to make that song 11 minutes long. It defies logic. I only listen to a few minutes at a time, because it gets boring after a while. Mark must like it for the guitar parts (like the length), but they aren’t something I can appreciate, and the lyrics are, well, I’m not entirely convinced he’s even saying anything. What a run-on sentence.

I’ve changed my schedule. I’m out of the hell that is 1st period Chemistry and back into good old 2nd period. I attribute this to God. Not that 1st period was actually hell or anything. But rather, I was thinking just today about how I wished I could switch back, and lo and behold, what should happen? It’s all taken care of for me! Ms. Linder says, “Hey, Tom, you know you’re the only one in the school who thinks you were supposed to switch periods.” “Really? Could I switch back then?” “Sure, I’ll talk to Kovacs.” ALL RIGHT! Apparently I just hallucinated this whole deal with switching periods to begin with. Fine with me, so long as it’s all fixed.

Today was a good day. Mostly for that (see above paragraph), but also I guess for other things. Just in general, a good day.

Ike is leaving. I’m not sure why. I can’t help but think that the fact that he’s one of the 6 (or so) black kids in the school would have something to do with it. I had this strange scene in my head with a reporter calling his house and asking if he had been harassed at Uni, or if he had been discriminated against. You know, what with Miss America and all. He just decided he didn’t like it here, so he’s leaving. Fair enough. I hope he finds happiness in Danville public schools. And doesn’t get shot or somethin; my mom thinks Danville isn’t a very nice place. But she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about, so I’m not worried.

Anna is making me feel guilty about not playing the piano recently. So I guess I’ll go play for like 5 minutes to ease the guilt. Got nothing better to do.

OK so that’s the random selection of disjointed paragraphs for today. Enjoy with a coke and a smile.

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