compulsive liar

compulsive liar

After school today Zuke and I were doing some of our community service for taking that damn sign. We’re just about done with it. Which is nice, because I’m a little tired of pretending to be busy washing desks and cleaning stuff. No matter, it’s not like it’s a death sentence.

Afterwards we went to Bagelman’s and got some food. Mmm, bagels and lox. As we were eating I was getting thirsty, so I went up to the counter and asked how much a small soda was. I don’t know if I was giving off a poor-student vibe or if she was just happy that they were about to close up on Friday night, but the girl said, “Oh, I think it’s a buck. Here, just take it” and handed me a cup. I said thanks, and she offered one to Zuke to. I was very happy about this. Not because of getting it for free but just because it was very nice of her. They gave us a few donuts, too, but that I would have expected. They were the stale ones being thrown out. But hey, they were still kind enough to give them to us.

Tomorrow is the winter formal. Should be fun. Going to Cordelia’s before for dinner with Hannah, her, and Mark. Right now I’m contemplating the drive to/from various houses. Must be done correctly. But it’s not exactly brain surgery.

I’m going to put up this rather ugly skin for a few days. I’ll change it sometime tonight. I dunno, I made it and feel I want to use it, but not for very long.

OK, so there’s that.

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