‘may our children forgive us’

‘may our children forgive us’

Something I find odd about many TV shows and book series is the death rate. In some there’s a murder in almost every installment, in a small town of a few thousand people. That calculates to an astronomical homicide rate. There’s never a dull moment, someone’s always getting killed or some amazing event is happening. Same thing, week after week, without fail.

It’s so cold in this room. There’s a crawspace underneath it, and no insulation. So it’s always cold in here. Oh well, another layer of clothing. And eventually it’ll get warmer.

Red Hot Valentines show this Friday. Have I mentioned that? Probably. But I’m into it.

Went down to Zorba’s for lunch today. I realized a few days ago that I actually don’t like their food that much. Their fries are good, at least, so I just got some of them. They gave me the wrong size. I can’t figure out if I paid for too much or not. But no matter, it’s not worth consideration.

background noise: “This is Your Life,” The Dust Brothers, Fight Club Soundtrack

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