‘deliver me from swedish furniture’

‘deliver me from swedish furniture’

I have gotten profoundly lazy over the past 4 hours. Dunno quite how that happened, but it did. I am now dreading doing anything, school-related or life-related, just anything. The thought of being proactive makes me feel like a panicked animal. I have to fight back the wave of nervous nausea that overcomes me. Even writing this is taking effort, to not just abandon the computer in mid-type and run. Where to? To my room, to read Foxtrot cartoons. Make fun of me if you will, but it’s the only thing I can stand to do anymore.

I’ve gotten the urges for some odd music lately. But I guess that isn’t too terribly out of the ordinary. I blame it on the radio and spirit week, and only one of those causes is a non-recurring phenomenon. The current sonic, uh, sonic something is “Every Morning,” Sugar Ray. Yea, whatever.

Every once in a while I realize that I eat when I’m bored. And it’s extreme, too. I get hungry during commercials. But when the show comes back, I still eat, but ignore the food. I’m not really hungry again until the next commercial. And this trend applies to most instances. I’ll just be sitting there, and without anything to do, my innate reflex is the go to the kitchen. There’s almost never anything I want, either. Just need some food to occupy myself with.

All of this is making me hungry. So there.

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