varying states of consciousness

varying states of consciousness


I slept much more soundly last night. I took a bath and then lay in bed while I still had that feeling of loss of consciousness and disorientation when you get out. I just lay there and didn’t move a muscle for 20 minutes. Eventually I rolled over and went to sleep. Much better.

Yesterday afternoon we went bowling (we being Dan, Annie, Zoë and I). It was a good time. None of us really know how to bowl, but that’s ok, still plenty fun. Annie left at 5:15, so the rest of us went over to the Green Street Cafe to hang out for a bit. Dan had to go at 5:40, so it was just Zoë and I for about another 20 minutes until she left.

I can’t really hold down my train of thought any longer, so I’m going to go do my math homework.

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