‘ like the latest fashion.. ‘

Mmmm. I spent the morning PLANing for the future, then watched Rocky Horror, and came home for some non-existant holiday cheer. Which forced me to miss watching Lord of the Rings, but I suppose these things happen. Watched a terrible documentary on skateboarding at night, but it wasn’t a total loss. And I’ve consumed a bunch of chocolate, which is nice.

background noise: “Come Out and Play” the Offspring

2 Responses to “‘ like the latest fashion.. ‘”

  1. mo Says:

    do you like to watch for forest fires?

  2. tom Says:

    I might like watching forest fires, but not really watching for them. Ever read The Dharma Bums? Guy gets a summer job living on this remote mountain top in Washington, watching for forest fires. It sounds really cool in some ways, but I’m afraid I’d get bored without electricity. I’m not a simple guy.

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