how naive

So bring on the days of nothingness, filled solely with computer games and lazy times spent with friends. I’ve seen a movie a day the past three days, and have another one or two to watch before Christmas. Mmmm, Christmas. I had a revelation the other day that Christmas is neither a primarily a “giving” nor “receiving” holiday, since everything given is received, and vice versa. So it’s just sort a redistribution holiday. Yes, it’s a ridiculously childish thing to realize, but it came as a mild surprise to me nonetheless.

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2 Responses to “how naive”

  1. mo Says:

    in the end people return lots of presents anyway and buy things they want instead, so it would be more efficient, but less fun, to just make it be a buy-things-for-yourself holiday

  2. tom Says:

    you’re absolutely right! I was thinking a “give other people money to buy things with” day, but again it would all be mute in the end, so why not just buy things for yourself? Because it’s less fun, I suppose. This is a clever gimmic to promote economic stimulation by investing in the production and retail industries.

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