life goes on

life goes on

What a perfectly wonderful day. I went over to Zoë’s and had lunch with her family, then we all went to the sculpture garden. The weather is fantastic; I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon. But I had to get back home. I just called my dad, he’s going to come help me paint my room.

Tomorrow, though, I have nothing to do. Anyone know when the Uni High soccer game is? I’ll go over to that if I can. and besides that, I’m thinking I’ll just spend a few hours outside with Zoë getting sunburned. Life is beautiful.

Random topic shift: Life is Beautiful was a movie as well. I’m sure many of you saw it, it was Italian but was pretty big over here a few years ago. It was about this Italian Jew and his family during the Holocaust. It was incredibly sad, and really rather morbidly ironic the way the main character, who was always this very funny guy, dealt with the concentration camp, especially since his wife and son were there as well. It was incredibly depressing when he died. But still, I think (and this is probably wrong, but it doesn’t matter) the message was overall rather hopeful. This didn’t occur to me at the time, but thinking about it just now I realize that maybe the idea is that it doesn’t matter if you die or how so, but instead that you do what you can with the time you’ve got. The main character (whose name I don’t even remember) was hopeful, or at least put on the facade of such happiness. So make life look beautiful, and it is.

This is all just one big mash of optimism that doesn’t make any sense, so fuck it I’m done.

Background noise: “On & On & On” Catch 22

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