foam on the creek

foam on the creek

My posts have been rather abstract (read: incoherent) lately. I think I’m trying to be clever, but obviously it just comes off sounding inarticulate. So why don’t we do a nice, down-to-earth, what-I-did-today kind of a post:

I slept late this morning, thankfully. My room is still in the process of being painted, so I can’t sleep there. I’ve been sleeping in the basement there past two nights, because the guest room in our house gets very light as soon as the sun comes up at 6 in the morning. Unfortunately, the cat sleeps in the basement too, so she has a tendency to wake me up at 6:30 when she is usually let out. But not today. For whatever reason she didn’t make much noise, my dad let her out at 7:00 and she was back in time to be lying on the sleeping bag when I awoke at 10:00.

I got up, poked around the house (which was already buzzing with activity, my dad was finished painting for the day and my mom was doing… something), ate my breakfast and took a shower. By then it was 11:30. I didn’t do anything of consequence for the rest of the day, was on the computer for a while (If anyone out there happens to know anything about DNS servers, e-mail me). I watched the first half of Fight Club in the late afternoon. I’ll watch the rest tonight, while my parents are at the movies.

Despite my abundance of sleep, I’m a bit tired. Not much, though, and I haven’t really been tired all day. Which is nice, but its a little sad to think that I didn’t do anything productive with this time. Ah well, that’s what spring break is for. Speaking of which, I don’t want to go back to school. I guess it’ll be nice to see some people again, but at this point I think another week would be just fine. Of course, then it would be even worse having to go back. So maybe its for the better that we’re going now. After all, I don’t mind it too much.

Background noise: “Light up my Room” Barenaked Ladies

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