things and not-things; the last couple weeks

That last post is looking a little emo on the second go-round, but in the interest of abstaining from getting to self-referential I won’t go into it. It’s worth saying, though, that after a tumultuous week and a half most of the situation it described is no longer valid, because everything went back to basically the way it was. These days I spend time watching Firefly and sleeping at Phi Sig, or other such nonsense.

Nonsense such as splitting a bottle of champagne with Nicole in the courtyard last Thursday afternoon, which was perfectly lovely. We finished just in time to go sailing with Zach, an adventure in and of itself because we took out one of the sailing team’s FJ’s. “It’s rigged about the same as the 420 [the class of boat we usually sail],” the sailing coach said, “but it’s a little tippier.” She wasn’t kidding. We spent most of the afternoon rocking back and forth in the basin, twice came so close to capsizing during a tack there was water spilling over the side of the boat. It’s a very wet sail — we ended up with almost 4″ of water in the bottom of the boat and no bailer. But it was probably our best day yet (or, rather, most exciting).

Memorial day weekend was mostly parties and very long, since I don’t have class on Tuesdays. Sunday I went to the city with IHUM (of all things), we all went on a Cruise (Speed Levitch-style), then the SFMOMA, then Kevin and I went out to dinner with Dr. Barker. Everyone else bailed, taking early trains home. Which was just as well, the dinner was fun, we stopped by Virgin afterwards, and then continued on our merry way home via Caltrain. Kevin will live in Synergy next year; I am excited to have another person to visit there. I have significant reservations about Toyon, but at this point I’m just making the most.

Speaking of Toyon, in-house draw was last night: what a traumatic experience. It didn’t take as long as I thought, but definitely still stressful. And, amusingly enough (I try to look on the brighter side and laugh, rather than be angry) Jordan, Ron, and Zhi picked dead last. They technically didn’t pick at all, but rather got the only room left, which is a triple in the quiet hall next to the (potentially insufferable) RF’s. I suppose this means parties in my third floor single. Which I’m OK with, but this really isn’t what we had hoped for.
It’s now 11:33am on another Thursday. I’m about to go to Toyon then have another sunshine party in the Lag courtyard with Nicole, just as we did last week. I do not sense a productive day coming on, but luckily it doesn’t matter in the slightest. The year’s ending. I’m not so thrilled. But that’s the way these things go. I’m always afraid of change, although I’ve never figured out why. I think it’s the pessimist in me — what if things get worse? I’m trying, though, to just calm down and enjoy myself. Life is sufficient, and more than sufficiently good, why ask for more?
background noise: none, I’m sitting in the hallway on the laptop so as to not wake Jordan.

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