‘idylls of the king’

My post-home bliss has essentially continued all week. Every night I’m usually socializing, and the bulk of afternoons as well. It’s perfectly lovely. After last weekend I settled into this fairly regular pattern, which coincided nicely with my decision of around the same time to not get a job. I see a lot of Sergei and Julie, who were, until recently anyway, equally unemployed. And of course Katie, who wanders in and out in highly singular style. I occupy my down time cooking and cleaning, doing grocery shopping, and of course re-reading Harry Potter. My productivity is perhaps low, but I don’t feel restless yet. I’m going to paint something one afternoon soon, I’m working myself up to it. Perhaps a self-portrait. Something emotionally relevant, just to see if I can eke it out with any success.

Last night was the premiere of Harry Potter 5. It was a perfectly lovely time, we went to Collete’s house to mingle and prepare, then trooped over en masse to the Savoy. Along with, it turns out, as many as 1,500 other enthusiastic souls, including the largest collection of Uni alumni and current students I’ve seen outside of the building itself in quite a while. It was great fun, the movie enjoyable, and the night quite long.

The night before I saw Ben E., along with his typically crazy but thoroughly interesting roommates. Katie was there, so I headed over to High Street after dinner with family friends and their new baby (reasonably adorable). It was good to catch up with Ben, as always, but around 11pm I walked the two blocks to Kinzie’s apartment, in order to be (finally, after six months) reunited with Alison and Maya. It was a happy reunion, although the evening had progressed sufficiently so I could barely do the meeting justice. But I tried, I tried.

The night before was Sunday, a good night for a long, meandering drive with Katie. The night before that was perfect for capture the flag in Carle Park followed by an on-campus party with Kimmy and then a ride around the country club and suburbia in her new golf cart. The night before that, Friday, was a party from which Sergei and I walked home. It was over two miles, and I have run more than that earlier in the evening (it nearly killed me). A bit scary, a bit long, but overall definitely worth doing. If, perhaps, only for the story. Early that day we had been to Allerton, which was a very nice afternoon in the park. Friday was an incredibly long day, though: from pancakes with Julie and Sergei and Katie at 10:30am to swimming at Al’s house in the early afternoon to Allerton and then back to home for dinner and that ill-conceived run with Sergei, finished just in time to be half an hour late for Julie to pick the both of us up to go to a party from which we (deservedly, and happily) walked home. The day was as long as that sentence.

And so on the recollection goes: one day after the next, all the way back to my arrival. I absolutely love it. And now I’m off to Alison’s birthday, and then another night ride with Kimmy. It should be wonderful.

background noise: The Avalanche, Sufjan Stevens

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