in a furious attempt to escape obscurity:

I was thinking, the other day. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the human life cycle was reversed? We just sort of slowly composed ourselves of organic matter, then sprang to consiousness in one brilliant moment of generation. The opposite of death. Then we slowly gained strength and health, peaking about 20 years before the end of our lives. We then quickly became nothing more than babies, and eventually crawled back up into the womb to die. We would return, in death, to our own species, our beings slowly absorbed by the race.

3 Responses to “in a furious attempt to escape obscurity:”

  1. mo Says:

    weird stuff, although if we are just organic matter, we could always keep being born from the earth.

  2. mark Says:

    im from mercury.

    suck it biyatch.

  3. tom Says:

    the planet, or the metal?

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