the gardens botanical

A relatively quiet Sunday: woke up late (long night on Saturday, and needed to catch up on some sleep from the week prior), had a leisurely lunch, biked to the botanical gardens. Very pleasant. There’s a long walk they call the Dassie trail, after the small hyrax that lives among the rocks and trees there. They’re related to elephants, of all things. There are some on the CSIR grounds as well. They’re difficult to spot, as they blend in and they’re quite shy. The best picture I managed to get of one is this somewhat blurry brown one. There were also little huts the displays in them about medicinal plants that were quite cute. And outside of them was an enormous aloe plant, which are all over the place here, but I quite like.

hard to believe they\'re related to elephants, they look like guinea pigs so charmingan aloe plant

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