photographic memory

Some of the most vivid scenes I’ve witnessed here I have no photos of: the piles of trash burning beside the road outside Mamelodi, the 300-odd Lesothoan highland villagers staring at us silently as we drove through, not knowing what we had interrupted. They are undoubtedly what will remain with me most.

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  1. Georgia Vaughan Says:


    Chris, Daniela and I are here with your mom and Amy in LBI. Remember the skimboard lesson you gave me year before last? The best I ever had. Daniela tried it but couldn’t get it, I was wishing you were here to give her tips. She adores Amy and sticks close to her in all she does (poor Amy, a little clingy sister, funnn). Your mum has us so taken care of, naming all the local kid-sized activities, shopping and cooking our favorite foods, slathering us with suntan lotion. She’s a pleasure to be with.

    I love reading each of your entries! I can clearly hear your voice and feel a little of the place. What a fantastic experience, amazing and wonderful. It’s so great of you to be doing this. I’ll be thinking of you over your next weeks there. Good luck with the work and with the whole big wide world of it.


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