Because the Peebles Valley is a scant 20 minutes from the Numbi gate of Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve here in South Africa, we spent Saturday on a game drive. It was quite fun, often stretches where not much would happen but then you’d see something ridiculous (elephants walking across the road, or something) and it would be thrilling. So I’m quite glad we did it, though I didn’t make it back to Pretoria until almost 11pm. Now I’ve got today, Sunday, to rest, before going off tomorrow morning to Ndlovu, a medical clinic similar to Peebles in some respects that we’ve also got a wireless network in. It’s just me this time, so I hope I’m up to it technically, but it promises to be quite interesting no matter what the outcome. Below are some assorted photos from Kruger; I took quite a few but in most of them it’s difficult to actually see anything.

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