things I do not like

Excessive use of inside jokes in AIM profiles. It just doesn’t seem to be worth it, and annoying. I’m not exactly sure what should go in a profile, but a long list of one sentence nonsensical private jokes are definitely not it. Is it a bad sign that my opinions seem to often be related to AIM?

10 Responses to “things I do not like”

  1. mark Says:

    bad lyrics are annoying too

  2. tom Says:

    lyrics just seem like filler, I have no opinions on them

  3. el snatcherito Says:

    that’s what they are. at their best. however, in more cases, they’re the sort of filler that keep’s peoples rectums in work.

  4. tom Says:

    I suppose…

  5. mark Says:

    i was being subtle

  6. tom Says:

    Gee, it doesn’t show at all

  7. mark Says:

    it shouldnt - that’s the beauty of subtlety

  8. mark Says:

    it shouldn’t - thats the beauty of subtlety

  9. mark Says:

    damn it, two posts. now i look even more foolish.

  10. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    with your third, you bring yourself around to the pincale off foolishness, fool.

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