Hey look, it turns out Saddam is still alive. Let’s charge that fucker with genocide, already! Oh, wait… why would we do that when we can do it in October instead, and force the mess left behind in Iraq out of the news just before election day by dragging our prize around the Hague.

8 Responses to “spin”

  1. mo Says:

    that and finding osama

  2. osama Says:

    you’ll never catch me!

  3. tom Says:

    yea. Either find him or some other freakishly tall guy in a turban and claim he’s osama. I just saw Wag the Dog, so I’m a little skeptical about these things now.

  4. cordelia Says:

    tom, you are rather tall. please grow a beard and wear a turban.

  5. tom Says:

    I don’t know Arabic.

  6. cordelia Says:


  7. tom Says:

    “Allah is going to bomb you muthafuckas right out of your fancy-ass buildings and heathenistic lifestyles!”

  8. cordelia Says:

    that’s good enough.

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