darth vader meets thomas edison

So I saw Bill Gates tonight. Interesting, right? It was, in fact. His lecture wasn’t anything revolutionary, but it was well done and I enjoyed it. Probably only because now I can say I’ve seen Bill Gates, but that doesn’t matter much. It’s strange, how amazingly normal he looks. Just some middle aged guy, head bobbed forward because he’s been sitting in front of screens most of his life and a voice that reminded me a Kermit the frog. Hard to believe that this is the richest man in the world. But hey, good for him. He was fairly likeable, although I’m not sure whether I went into it wanting to like him or not. The audience was mostly students, who are of course fairly critical of him but also begrudgingly respectful. Not the worst of reputations, I suppose. I’m glad I got to go.

8 Responses to “darth vader meets thomas edison”

  1. cordelia Says:

    oh but can you say you watched bill clinton’s plane get stuck in the mud? no you cant. (if i was max i would say “suck it….” but i’m not)

  2. tom Says:

    And how did it come about that you were able to witness such a feat?

  3. cordelia Says:

    are you losing interest (interet) in your blog?

  4. tom Says:

    Yea. I have come to realize that no one cares about the exact details of my life (I realized this because I don’t care about the exact details of other people’s lives that are meticulously kept in their blogs). Not that it isn’t fun to write in sometimes, but I have to factor in the publicity (i.e., is it appropriate for tout le monde to read) and try to weed out the boring life-report that it would otherwise be. And I’m left with nothing as far as content goes. T’is a shame, n’est ce pas? I think the domain is up for renewal in March. I haven’t paid my hosting company since September, but they seem to have completely forgotten I exist. Sorta nice, I suppose. Not sure what I’ll do. Probably just what I’ve been doing these past months: post something once a week or so. Why not, right?

  5. cordelia Says:

    i think you should write an in depth analysis of robert the next time we go to post cafe. (let’s hope it doesnt suck again)

  6. tom Says:

    Hehe, OK. And next time, I’ll try to be a little more brave.

  7. snatcherman Says:

    bill gates was pretty cool. he seemed to dodge a few questions at the end, but whatever.

    And I doubt he’s the richest man in the world. Western countires, yes, but there’s some small country (by which I mean fucking tiny, and I forget it’s name) that has some mounstrous oil output, all of it controlled by the princes who rule the country. before the us beat the shit out of him, Saddam Husien probably had more wealth then gates.

    of course, this is because those people have the wealth of a country at their disposal.

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