‘…even grey days beat the shade to wean…’

Today nothing went right, but nothing went wrong. One of those days, when things consistantly don’t work out, and it’s sort of disappointing, but at the end you’ve just given up, accepted that things certainly could have been worse, cut your losses and move on. It’s a good type of day to force some perspective down your throat, and teach you the value of a little patience. At least, this is what I have gotten out of today. I’m not sure there’s actually much of a basis for such lessons, I may be pulling them straight out of my ass. But hey, that’s better than nothing.

background noise: “wake for young souls” third eye blind

2 Responses to “‘…even grey days beat the shade to wean…’”

  1. name Says:

    hey did i see you at lavas friday

  2. tom Says:

    Nope, I was packing for vacation Friday night

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