‘…sweet dreams are made of these…’

Well, I have returned from my travels in the distant lands of Southwest Florida. The weather is beautiful this time of year, but geographically that place is a hellhole. It’s nothing but flat swamp in every direction that isn’t the ocean, except where it’s been filled in to build high rise apartment buildings and swanky strip malls. But, hey, I’m not complaining, because I spent a very pleasant week down there doing… nothing. I did manage to get a good start on my play, and read a book (I would have read several if I had only thought to bring more than one). And I ate a lot. I consumed massive amounts of food. We went out to dinner every night but one, I ate large breakfasts and lunches and several snacks between each meal. I ate so many strawberries I thought my stomach would explode. But it didn’t, so good times.

background noise: “Sweet Dreams” Marilyn Manson

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    Yea, and it did it to every posts comment page. And it’s weird-ass writing, if you try to read it.

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    You’ve been spammed like a bad monty-python imitation, Tom.

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