We had the Thespian induction yesterday. It was rather exciting. Then out for a good sit in the car, bowling, and a movie with Alison. Today somehow things went wrong, and I’ve got little to do. It was anxiety-causing for about an hour, then I realized if I did my homework and was a little creative, I actually did have enough to do. I think we should capitalize more things, like in German. Also, semicolons. English needs more Semicolons. I want to just throw them in there; Why not, we’ve got nothing to lose.

5 Responses to “ßemeKolun”

  1. cordelia Says:

    who’s gonna play our theme song?

  2. tom Says:

    The way I see it, we have several options:

    1) Form a band and write it ourselves (hard)
    2) Get Mark to do it (one long guitar solo)
    3) steal it from somewhere else (illegal)
    4) Use something in the public domain and get people at school to play it (probably will be classical)


  3. cordelia Says:

    how about we just make a midi? or have me banging wildly on ben’s drumset?

  4. EricLoui Says:

    (smacks self in head)
    That’s where your comments are. Nice design, perhaps a tad spartan for my tastes (whatever those are). Semicolons are good. Unfortunately, people make lots of mistakes with them. They do look cool, though.

  5. tom Says:

    Part of the reason people often use them incorrectly is that it’s very hard to explain just when one uses a semicolon. Yes, there’s all that independant-clause rot (what am I, English?), but other than that it’s basically just when it feel right. And I suppose that’s actually part of what’s so darn attractive about them.

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