‘…i’m just visiting…’

It’s the last day of normal school today. A few more days of finals and we’ll be finished. And that will mark the halfway point in my Uni career. Well, there are worse ways to spend two years. Although God knows what the future will bring.

This past week has crawled by. Today will be nice, methinks, but the next few days of finals might be a little painful. Or not, I don’t know. As soon as it’s over I’m off to Singapore. I’ve more or less finalized the rest of my plans for the summer. The 26th of June through the 4th or 5th of July I’ll be on the East Coast, then again from the 16th opf July to the 8th of August. I’ll take a trip of a couple days to Long Hill in very late July and very early August. Probably the 30th through the 3rd or 4th. Let me know if you’re going to be around, if you live there.

background noise: “DC Sleeps Alone Tonight” The Postal Service [DJ Downfall Remix]

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