So yesterday I had one of the more bizarre culinary experiences of my life. Zuke and I went to lunch at a sushi place. It was all very nice and the food was pretty good (although, I don’t have very much to compare it to, having rarely if ever eaten most types of sushi). What made it so novel was that the food came out of little plates on a conveyor belt that went around the bar where people were sitting. You just picked what you wanted off the belt. It’s really rather fun. I’m sure anyone who is not a tourist would just regard it as gimmicky, over priced and not all that good of food, but I enjoyed it and I didn’t get food poisoning, so it’s all right in my book.

I’m off to go explore again. Violent #$%! going down in S’pore.

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  1. cordelia Says:

    i went to a sushi place in california once and the chefs made the sushi and then put it on little boats and floated it out on a little river thing. YUM

  2. tom Says:

    that sounds fun

    what do you think of SILK?

  3. cordelia Says:

    soy-milk? or the fabric? I THINK IT IS TERRIBLE HOW THE LITTLE WORMS ARE EXPLOITED!… nah, nah. just kidding. um. it is nice?!

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